Xunee Supports HTC to Join Vive VR World.

What is Xunee? – “The first Virtual Reality cloud service supports multiple VR devices.”

As a new VR startup – Xunee is proud to announce our partnership with HTC supporting its Vive VR helmet, which just revealed in few weeks ago. Xunee is the first VR cloud service provider throughout the world. It offers premium VR content across multiple devices and does not require any software download or installation! Through the easy access of your browser, you can enjoy the best entertainment from VR world, not only gaming experience, but also live concert, user generated content and more.

Xunee is founded in January, 2015, but grows rapidly, within the short stretch of time, first tier content providers and HTC all actively express interests and co-opt to make the whole new ecosystem together. Thus Xunee is excited to announce as the first VR cloud service to support HTC Vive VR helmet, to continue leading the whole industry by supporting all mainstream VR equipments.

Why is Xunee needed for VR world?

VR has never been this hot, tech giants like Facebook/ Oculus, Sony, Google are overwhelmingly entering the VR market; however, it’s still not easy for consumer to enjoy full VR experience. The currently available VR devices are not easily obtained, and certain cables like HDMI and USB is usually needed, also the quality of the VR content is not of satisfactory standards and most of all, it takes a long time for users to download or purchase any services: hence the birth of Xunee.

By using Xunee and it’s leading technology partner Ubitus, now the problems are all solved:

One tap to enter the VR world: the exclusive streaming technology lets users indulge themselves in the new world. No wired cables needed, no need to download contents, and the best part is it supported by both helmets and glasses.

By using state of the art browsing technologies, VR contents are easily accessed either its VR glasses, smart phones or traditional computers!

Through the mega high speed streaming services that connects the VR devices, the premium VR application is able to detect player gestures and body movements to make the advanced VR interactions in the shortest length of time.

Xunee (www.vshelf.com) – is all about bringing the users closer to the new VR world, also devoted to building a more transcendent experience over Facebook Oculus VR glasses. We will support Google Cardboard, LG, and other mid-level VR gadget and equipments, vshelf.com is looking forward our official launch in Asia in the summer of 2015.


Xunee as HTC Vive official content partner

“Xunee as HTC Vive official content partner.”



Xunee makes a vigorous debut during GDC 2015

Xunee, as the best VR cloud service provider, we’re excited to bring our first debut at the GDC in San Fransisco Moscone Center this week, if you’re looking for an opportunity to experience Xunee or be our partner in the first hand, please contact as below.

Xunee Contact: Dr. Ko Ju-Chun

Mail: contact@vshelf.com

US: +1-469-400-2518 / Asia: +886-917-197-882